Can You Use a 20x25x4 Filter for a 20x25x5?

Learn why you cannot use a 20x25x4 filter for a 20x25x5 oven filter and how you can improve indoor air quality with Service Champions.

Can You Use a 20x25x4 Filter for a 20x25x5?

No, the 20 x 25 x 5 is one inch wider than the other and would not fit in the slot made for the 20 x 25 x 4.The reverse may work, but it probably will also work. Not all ovens are compatible with a 20 x 25 x 4 air filter. Some ovens, especially older models, can only accommodate thinner air filters. However, since 20 x 25 x 4 air filters are more effective at filtering, some homeowners choose to resize their ovens to fit these filters. If your oven is not compatible with a 20 x 25 x 4 air filter, you can talk to your HVAC technicians to change the size of your oven's filter chamber.

Using a 20 x 25 x 4 air filter also improves heating and air conditioning. How can homeowners improve indoor air quality? Every time they turn on the heating and air conditioning, all indoor air must pass through the air filter. Fortunately, the 20 x 25 x 5 air filter captures up to 50 percent of all indoor air particles and germs. Therefore, every time homeowners use heating and air conditioning, the air in their home is cleaned of particles as long as the 20x25x5 air filter is in good condition. At four inches thick, the 20 x 25 x 4 air filter offers more surface area to capture additional particles, lasts longer and offers many other benefits.

The average homeowner who uses clean air filters year-round sees a 15 percent decrease in energy expenditure for heating and air conditioning. However, to enjoy the benefits of using 20 x 25 x 4 air filters, heating and air conditioning must be circulated regularly. Heating and air conditioning specialists recommend maintaining the air conditioning at least twice a year, in addition to regularly changing dirty 20 x 25 x 4 air filters. Compared to one-inch air filters that need to be changed monthly, these filters require extremely low maintenance. To find the right air filters for your home or learn more about how to improve indoor air quality, trust Service Champions. The combination of a thin air filter with a high MERV rate can also restrict airflow to the point of hampering efficiency and causing excessive wear and tear.

Then, use the heater and air conditioner so that the 20x25x5 air filter captures particles suspended in the air. At the same time, a thicker filter is less restrictive and will allow a better flow of purified air. That's why we designed the FILXXCAR0020 oven filter to filter out even the tiniest airborne pollutants. The thickness of an air filter ranges from 1 to 5 inches deep; some options are more common than others and the oven can dictate the thickness that can be used. When homeowners regularly use a 20x25x4 clean air filter, they protect not only the air in their home but also their heating and air conditioning equipment.